B.B.Sc., Post Grad.Dip. (Psych.), M.Psych (Clinical), MAPS, MAACBT, MACPA, MAAOS

Please contact Stacey directly on

0428 576 660 to make an appointment.

Psychological support

Stacey works with clients of all ages, assisting them with a range of psychological and emotional issues. Stacey has specialist knowledge, experience and interest in working with individuals presenting with anxiety (especially social anxiety) and trauma. Stacey works closely with those who have high anxiety levels and/or have experienced trauma to ensure a return to feeling safe, in control and at peace. Stacey aims to ensure all of her clients have the skills and abilities to manage difficult emotions and to engage in fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Stacey is a registered clinical psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. Stacey is also a registered provider with TAC and Workcover. Stacey has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and has been highly trained in the following therapies:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Schema Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • EMDR

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Stacey has facilitated both individual and group therapy interventions in a range of settings including forensic correctional centres, private practices, hospitals and community health services.

Clinical supervision

Stacey has extensive experience in providing clinical supervision to supervisees of all levels, age groups and training backgrounds. Stacey works collaboratively with supervisees to create a working therapeutic alliance that focuses on empowerment and connection. During the course of the engagement, Stacey assists her supervisees to explore the emotions and triggers arising both in the therapeutic relationship and the supervisory relationship, with the aim of improving clinical outcomes and increasing work satisfaction. Stacey aims to ensure all supervisees have the skills and abilities to engage in high quality clinical relationships, with the ultimate aim of improving each client’s quality of life.